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Products Liability Attorneys in Denville, New Jersey

When manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers make or sell products that cause injuries when used in the way they were meant to be used, applicable state and federal laws may hold them responsible for those injuries. Injuries caused by defective products can result in pain and suffering, disabilities, and loss of income. The cost of an injury, the medical bills, the loss of health and time, can bring serious misfortune to an individual or family.

  • Caused by the negligence of another person, company, or entity

Unsafe Products

Injuries can arise from manufacturing defects, design defects, or a failure of the maker to warn about dangers. In New Jersey and New York in recent years, a wide range of unsafe products, from cars, SUVs, ATVs, tires, and motorcycles to guns, heart implants, and children’s toys, to name just a few, have caused serious injuries and death. The experienced products liability attorneys of The Law Offices of G. Martin Meyers, P.C. will fight to vindicate your rights and maximize the value of those rights to the greatest possible extent. This page provides a partial listing of cases that may involve products liability claims.

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  • Unsafe Products

  • Class Actions

  • Defective Products

  • Automotive Crashworthiness

  • Automotive Design Liability

  • Heavy Equipment Products Liability

  • Elevator Liability

  • Product Failure

  • Product Safety

  • Baby Car Seats

  • Defective Toys

  • Defective Car Seats

  • Lead Paint

  • Product Warning Labels

  • Failure to Warn

  • Breach of Warranty

  • Breast Implant Liability

  • Breast Implant Litigation

  • Vaccine Injury

  • Flammable Products

  • Food Products Liability

  • Chemical Products Liability

  • Industrial Products Liability

  • Gas Explosions

  • Propane Products Liability

  • Welding Products Liability

  • Railroad Liability

  • Manufacturers Liability

  • Automotive Crashworthiness

  • Automotive Design Liability

  • All-Terrain Vehicles Liability

  • Motorcycle Products Liability

  • Design Defects

  • Bicycle Products Liability

  • Unintended Acceleration

  • Drug Litigation

  • Pharmaceutical Products Liability

  • Diet Drug Litigation

  • Drug Contamination

  • Medical Device Litigation

  • Firearms Litigation

  • Defective Amusement Park Rides

  • Safety Defects

  • Defective Design

  • Faulty Switches

  • Gear Malfunctions

  • Roof Collapse

  • Seatbelt Failure

  • Airbag Failure

  • Tire Tread Separation

  • Defective Tires

  • Data Loss Class Actions

Mass Torts

Too often, products that can seriously injure the people who use them reach the market. Hundreds or even thousands may be injured in a similar fashion. Many suffer serious injuries before a harmful drug or defective machine is appropriately restricted or taken off the market. The stakes are high for the manufacturers, who can stand to lose millions if their products are recalled or removed from the marketplace. The attorneys at The Law Offices of G. Martin Meyers, P.C. are prepared to fight against the powerful pharmaceutical companies and global corporations when they put their own interests ahead of your health and safety.

Many Injuries Traced to Same Cause

When large numbers of people are injured in similar ways by a single product, a hazardous substance, or a disaster, the injured can join together in a Mass Tort lawsuit. While their injuries can vary in severity (and in some cases, the unsafe product has caused the user’s death), the injuries and fatalities can all be connected and traced back to a common cause.

A Range of Mass Tort Successes

In these cases, The Law Offices of G. Martin Meyers, P.C. often work with attorneys throughout the country to take swift and aggressive action. Mr. Meyers’ goal is always to achieve the best outcome for each individual plaintiff. In many cases, Mr. Meyers’ lifelong interest in science and engineering enhances his ability to explain to a judge or jury what happened and exactly how you or your loved one was harmed. Mr. Meyers has succeeded in helping hundreds of plaintiffs in a range of mass torts to recover the compensation they deserve.

Negligence, Fraud, and Failure to Warn

Mass tort cases can arise from a manufacturer’s negligence in making a product or failing to warn users of a product’s potential dangers or a drug’s side effects. Mass tort lawsuits may involve toxic torts (such as exposure to lead paint, asbestos, or toxic waste); unsafe or defective products (breast implants, harmful drugs, flammable fabrics, or car seat failure); or various types of securities litigation, aviation, or employment cases.

Dangerous Drugs: Fosamax Linked to Femur Fractures

Fosamax and similar drugs are widely prescribed to women for the treatment of osteoporosis, a disease in which the bones become increasingly weak and porous. Fosamax and its generic equivalent, Alendronate, are prescribed to strengthen the bones but have been linked to spontaneous fractures of the femur. In addition to broken femurs, irregular heartbeat and serious bone disease of the jaw have been linked to Fosamax in a recent study. If you have taken Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, Reclast, or Zometa for an extended period of time and are experiencing pain or have suffered a fractured femur, contact G. Martin Meyers to discuss your options.

Dangerous Drugs: Accutane Linked to Birth Defects

In 2009, Hoffmann-La Roche stopped making Accutane, a drug that was widely prescribed for severe acne and taken by 13 million patients since 1982. Generic versions of Accutane (isotretinoin, sold as Sotret, Claravis, and Amnesteen) are still available from several manufacturers. However, the drug can have serious side effects and has been the subject of numerous warnings by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and consumer advocacy groups. In pregnant women, Accutane has been linked to birth defects. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), severe pancreatitis, depression, aggressive behaviors, and even suicide are among other potential side effects. If you or someone you love has taken Accutane or isotretinoin and suffered any of these side effects, tell G. Martin Meyers what happened. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

Dangerous Drugs: Yaz, Yasmin Linked to Stroke and Clots

Bayer HealthCare makes Yaz and Yasmin, America’s top-selling oral contraceptives. In the past, major advertising campaigns promoted Yaz and Yasmin to young women as also treating acne as well as the symptoms of the premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMMD), which can include severe depression. Recently, however, researchers and health advocates have voiced concerns that Yaz and Yasmin put women at higher risk of strokes and blood clots in the legs and lungs than other oral contraceptives. The F.D.A. sent a warning letter to Bayer, noting that its drugs were not approved for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, and forced it to stop making the claims that had sent its sales through the roof. In late 2009, the F.D.A. warned Bayer again about deviations from quality control standards at the plant where Yaz is made. If you or a loved one have taken Yaz or Yasmin and has experienced blood clots or stroke, contact The Law Offices of G. Martin Meyers, P.C. to protect your legal rights.