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Investment Fraud Attorneys in Denville, New Jersey

Investment and securities fraud charges are serious and need to be handled by an experienced attorney. Whether the matter is settled in a courtroom or through a method of alternative dispute resolution, it is essential you have representation from an attorney familiar with all aspects of related New Jersey and federal laws.

As the victim of securities fraud, you need an attorney who understands the damage that can be done by dishonest stockbrokers, financial advisors, and brokerage firms. Working with someone whose mission is to prosecute any people or entity responsible for causing you significant financial damage is essential for recovering what you have lost.

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Fraud includes theft, lying, and deceit, but it also includes specific wrongdoing, such as:

  • Commission churning

  • Unauthorized transactions

  • Unsuitable investments and other acts of greed

  • Incompetence or negligence

  • Misrepresentation

  • Execution failures

  • Excessive mark-ups

  • Disappearing funds

  • Botched transfers

  • Web-broker outages

  • “Selling away”

  • Unregistered brokers or securities

  • Improper margin liquidations

  • Broker bribes

  • Fraudulent research

  • “Boiler room” sales practices

  • Other wrongful acts

Federal and New Jersey laws are in place to protect investors, but it can take several years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) before an investor realizes he or she is being victimized. When this occurs, investors must file claims to recover their losses. There are varying degrees of success regarding these claims, but investors represented by experienced attorneys familiar with investment fraud and securities laws have a better experience than those who go a different route.

The most common way to settle cases related to investment and securities fraud is through alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration and mediation clauses are often built into contracts to avoid disputes escalating to court.

If you are taken advantage of and find yourself affected by securities and investment fraud, you need the assistance of G. Martin Meyers. He makes it his goal to right the wrongs that cost you money.

An experienced New Jersey investment/securities lawyer, he has been helping individuals who have been defrauded fight for their rights for over 42 years. Contact him today for a complimentary initial consultation.