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Why You Need a Securities/investment Fraud Lawyer in Denville NJ

Aug. 11, 2015

If you invest to supplement your income presently or are building your retirement funds, you depend on your investments. You depend on the reports that the companies you are investing in make public, so when there is a case of accounting fraud, your portfolio may be seriously damaged. If you have been the victim of accounting fraud, calling a securities/investment fraud lawyer in Denville New Jersey is one of the first steps that you should make to protect your investments. When you hire a securities/investment fraud lawyer in Denville New Jersey, you will have a strong advocate on your side to make sure that your investments are protected as much as possible.

In accounting fraud, a corporation may try to hide losses or inflate profits, luring investors into buying stock with that company and possibly getting corporate heads, such as a CEO, extra compensation for meeting valuation goals. Often, it is not only the corporation that falsifies the accounting, but also the accounting firm handling the books itself.

Accounting fraud can seriously damage the value of the stock for shareholders, meaning that they could be investing in stock that is worth far less than what they thought it would be worth when they purchased it. Without hiring a securities/investment fraud lawyer, an investor may never see any return on the investment they make once the stock crashes. While many times the government may get involved when it comes to criminally prosecuting those responsible for accounting fraud, a lawyer working for the individual shareholder will do all they can to make sure that shareholder is repaid for the money they lost when the value of the company was wrongfully reported.

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