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What It Means to Hire a Class Action Attorney in Morris County NJ

Aug. 8, 2015

Many people are familiar with class action cases, usually because they see television commercials telling a negligence victim to call a national hotline, or they get a notice telling them they may be part of a class and could collect an award. Understanding class action cases is totally different than seeing a commercial and is something that may be best described by a class action attorney in Morris County New Jersey. In fact, class action cases can be used to cover all sorts of cases and are a very useful tool in the legal world. This is what a class action attorney in Morris County New Jersey does and why that is important to you.

A class action case is a type of legal case that is reserved for those causes of action where there are many plaintiffs who have the same claim against the defendant or defendants. One common example of this is when there is a defective product, such as a bad drug, where hundreds of people may have been affected. Rather than have hundreds of cases against the same defendant, the law allows all of the defendants to join together in one cause of action.

A class action attorney will file a case with a representative of the class of people who were affected by the defendant’s negligence and will then litigate the case. Once there is a judgment or settlement in the case, that attorney will go about finding all of the members of the class and notifying them that they are entitled to part of the award in the case. At that point, the potential class member has a choice to either collect as part of the class or go about filing a claim on their own.