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Using ADR to Prosecute Securities Fraud in Denville NJ

Oct. 1, 2015

Alternative dispute resolution can be a useful tool in a number of different types of legal actions. Securities fraud in Denville New Jersey is no exception. With cases of securities fraud in Denville New Jersey, often a mediation or arbitration clause is even written into securities contracts in order to keep a case out of court. This is because ADR can help cases be settled quicker and with more confidentiality when compared to traditional litigation.

Arbitration is one of the more common forms of ADR that helps business around the world. With arbitration, the parties each present their cases in front of independent third parties who are chosen by the parties to a securities fraud suit. The arbitrators to the case then make a decision on it based on the evidence presented. The parties to the securities fraud in Denville, NJ matter can agree on a number of different factors, including confidentiality and restrictions on appealing the matter. Commonly, arbitration decisions cannot be appealed, meaning that there is a final resolution in the case and a savings of years of litigation. Through keeping a matter out of court, the parties could save time and money in arbitration.

Mediation is also a form of ADR that works well in securities fraud cases, although it isn’t as popular as arbitration for any sort of business dispute. With mediation, the parties, with the help of a mediator, decide the case on their own, with both giving input on their side of the matter. Unlike with arbitration, where an outsider decides the case, mediation decisions are made by the parties. Mediation can be good in business cases where the desire to keep the business relationship intact is strong since it usually involves a more cooperative decision.