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Is It Wrongful Termination if My Boss Just Disliked Me?

April 15, 2015

Wrongful termination plagues many workplaces these days, and it is a legal matter that most employees never look into when removed from a job. There are a host of reasons why employers can fire their employees, but the list of why they cannot is also pretty long. We will discuss a common question about wrongful termination in NJ in this post.

My Boss Disliked Me. I Was Fired. Wrongful Termination?

A common question fired employees like to ask is if being disliked by the boss is wrongful termination. There are two answers to this question based on the situation that saw how and why the employee was fired.

The first situation is this: it is possible that the boss did not like the employee, but the dislike occurred only because the employee failed to do their job correctly or did not learn the ropes despite lengthy training on the job. If this is the case, then being fired is not wrongful termination. You more than likely received plenty of time to adjust to the job and make an impression prior to getting fired.

The second situation is this: your boss dislikes you, but you have evidence that he or she “dislikes” you for a discriminatory reason, such as your race, religion, or your gender, or because you became pregnant during your employment. If your boss “dislikes” you for a reason you can establish is discriminatory, in violation of state or federal discrimination laws, then you may be able to file a wrongful termination case.

If the boss fires you and gives you a reason related to your performance, make sure he or she files the required paperwork that documents what it is you did wrong on the job. If there is no documentation about what you did wrong while on the job, that could be a factor in determining whether the real reason for your termination was discriminatory.

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