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I Think I Was Wrongfully Terminated: What’s My Recourse?

Jan. 15, 2015

Many individuals believe that they are the victims of wrongful termination, but the law is very clear about under what circumstances an individual is actually terminated illegally. One of the most common first questions that an individual in this situation will ask has to do with the possible legal recourse of being such a victim.

Bear in mind that you can be terminated for reasons that are unfair but not necessarily illegal. This is true if your employer simply didn’t like you, if he or she felt you were not meeting expectations, or if you had a disagreement with a co-worker where you were blamed for the conflict. These might be unfair and unfortunate reasons to lose your job, but in an at-will employment contract, your employer has the right to use these and other similar reasons to end your work with the company.

If you were fired because you were discriminated against or fired because of your membership in a protected class, however, you may have grounds for a New Jersey wrongful termination suit. You need to review the facts of your case carefully and determine what evidence you might have that can help to prove you were illegally fired from your job.

Wrongful termination cases that are successful give you an opportunity to share your concerns in court and possible have legal recourse against your employer, but these cases are notoriously complex and difficult. Gather any evidence you have that you were discriminated against and set up a consultation with an attorney to determine whether you have the grounds for such a case. Wrongful termination cases are difficult to prove without proper evidence, so do your due diligence in advance to collect any evidence that contributes to your case.