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How a New Jersey Employment Lawyer Can Assist in Your Retaliation Claim

Oct. 6, 2015

Firing an employee because he or she is suing for claims such as workers compensation, discrimination or whistle blowing is an illegal action for an employer to take. You have the right to file a good faith legal claim and not be punished for it by being fired. However, many employers don’t follow the law when it comes to retaliatory firing, meaning that a New Jersey employment lawyer needs to become involved. A New Jersey employment lawyer can be essential when it comes to preserving employee rights for wrongful termination as retaliation.

Too many employees think that being fired from their job when they have a legal action against their employer is just part of filing that legal action. However, retaliatory firings are indeed illegal because retaliating shows a great deal of power inequality between the employee and employer. Labor laws therefore favor the employee when they are fired for filing a claim in order to help encourage the employee to assert their rights without the threat of being let go as a result. This is to put the employee and employer on a more equal footing when it comes to a suit for retaliatory firing.

If you have been fired as retaliation for filing a lawsuit against your employer, your best first step is to call a New Jersey employment lawyer who is well versed in the laws surrounding your claim. You have the right to keep the job that you worked hard to get and your attorney is the best one to make an employer who illegally let you go answer for their wrongful actions. With a strong legal team on your side, you can fight for your rights when it comes to your job.