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Drugs that Harm Not Help

April 23, 2018

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to treat illness and extend people’s lives. However, in many cases, drugs can do more harm than good. If a prescription drug hurt you, then you can call a New Jersey product liability attorney.

Types of Drug-Related Claims:

Defectively-Manufactured Drugs

A defectively-manufactured drug is one that is tainted or damaged while it is being made. The error can occur in the pharmacy or in the manufacturing facility. A problem can also occur with the labeling or during the shipping process. Any mistake that is made from the time that the drug is in the facility and the time that you receive it can be considered a defect.

Dangerous Side Effects

Many prescription drugs have side effects that can cause serious injury. Drug companies are supposed to test the drug rigorously before it hits the market. However, the side effects of drugs are not discovered until they have been on the market for a while. Many people have stated that the drug manufacturer knew about the side effects of the drug, but they decided to conceal that information.

Improperly Marketed Drugs

A drug may have been improperly marketed if the labels do not have adequate instructions or warnings. Not only can Drug Company improperly market the drug, but the pharmacist or physician can also improperly market it.

It is important to note that your lawsuit may include all of the following claims. For example, a drug may be defective, have dangerous side effects and be improperly marketed. Your product liability attorney in New Jersey can help you file a claim.

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You can call the Law Offices of G. Martin Meyers if you are in need of a product liability attorney in New Jersey. We will examine the case and hold the responsible people accountable for their actions. A New Jersey product liability attorney can help you get compensation.