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Hiring a Civil Trial Attorney in Denville NJ for Your Slip and Fall Case

As winter approaches, the risk of damaging slip and fall case increase as property owners and businesses fail to adequately clear sidewalks of snow and ice or otherwise has not properly cleared hazards from their property. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, whether it is because of snow or another hazard, one of your first calls should be to a civil trial attorney in Denville New Jersey so that you can protect your rights.
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Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Denville NJ Can Explain Comparative Negligence

Many car accidents are not just the fault of the defendant. There are times where the plaintiff also played a part in how an accident turned out. While the law in New Jersey used to forbid collecting a judgment from anyone who had a contribution to their injury in a car accident, that has changed, meaning that if someone were somewhat negligent...
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Why You Need a Securities/investment Fraud Lawyer in Denville NJ

If you invest to supplement your income presently or are building your retirement funds, you depend on your investments. You depend on the reports that the companies you are investing in make public, so when there is a case of accounting fraud, your portfolio may be seriously damaged.
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