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Employee Contracts: How To Begin Your Case

In most employment situations, employers and employees have an at-will arrangement, meaning both can end the relationship at any time, for any reason, and are not required to give notice. However, in some situations, employees have signed contracts.
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Product Warning Labels Failed to Warn of All Ingredients Included. What Can You Do?

Sometimes, an allergic reaction or other harm can be caused through the use of a defective product, but what exactly makes a product defective? Essentially, a product is considered defective when it can be shown that the harm might not have been caused, if the manufacturer had provided “reasonable instructions or warnings” as to the nature of the product.
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Drugs that Harm Not Help

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to treat illness and extend people’s lives. However, in many cases, drugs can do more harm than good. If a prescription drug hurt you, then you can call a New Jersey product liability attorney.
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Was I Illegally Fired?

A sudden termination from your workplace can lead your mind swirling with thoughts, and many people in this situation want to know if their case qualifies for wrongful termination. There are only certain cases where your case meets the guidelines for an illegal termination in New Jersey.
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What Is a Toxic Tort?

To meet the qualifications for a toxic tort case, an individual must have been caused harm or damages as a result of being exposed to dangerous substances. Such substances may include chemicals, drugs, or pesticides.
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